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Short Code Parking

Short Code Parking

Short code service has proven to be one of the key marketing tools among the businesses nowadays as researches show that an advertisement receives more response with a short code contact in it. By definition short codes are special telephone numbers which are significantly shorter in length and intentionally designed to be easier to read and remember. As per the directive provided by BTRC, any private entities that can avail Short Code service includes, but not limited to, content providers, event management companies, manufacturers, educational institutions, Financial Institutions; also Government organizations, various forums, NGOs, Telecom operators and so on. BTRC will allocate the short code to respective entity while telecommunication operators will provide the traffic termination facility.
Short codes are primarily used for value added services (VAS) like:

  • Voting in reality shows
  • Participating in Television programs
  • Subscribing to value added services offered by the mobile operators
  • Download applications
  • Charity donations
  • Mobile services
  • Banking services
  • Product or service promotions/ enquiry
  • Information circulation/ Campaign by the Government organizations, educational institution etc.
  • Customer care services
  • Help line
  • New e-Business
  • Transport service information
  • e-Health, e-Education, e-Governance  
Short Code format/number-length can be different in different regions around the globe. There is also option for customers to choose premium short codes.   






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